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70s music

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Elvis Costello, Tom Robinson, Kate Bush, Wreckless Eric, Ian Drury, Nick Lowe, Skyhooks, the Cars, Cheap Trick and Moon Martin.

70s music

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You can't beat "Love Grows" by Edison Lighthouse. It's a wonderful song.

70s music

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slade had the most number ones

70s music

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owen haren....probably lurking

What about Be Bop Deluxe ??

70s music

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holl (Nil Illigitaemus Carborundum) *you dont fool the hool* berty and olly: the mad raving booty shakers (oooaaa oooaaa)

what about led zeppelin?

70s music

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What about Tangerine Dream, Roxy Music, John Martyn, X-Ray Specs, Steve Hillage, Jilted John, Tomita, John Otway, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, the Stranglers, 10cc, Kraftwerk, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Focus, Genesis, Hawkwind, Mott the Hoople, Neil Young, Split Enz, Cockney Rebel? There was cetainly a greater variety of music around in them days.
This was also the decade in which Douglas Adams (praise be his name!) invented the Hitch-Hiker's Guide itself and used 'The Return of The Sorcorer' by the Eagles as it's theme tune, and had a sequence that went; "Did you know that robot can hum like Pink Floyd?" "What else can you do, Marvin?"
The dark ages of fashion was the golden age of music! smiley - ok

70s music

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

'The Return of The Sorcorer' by the Eagles

I believe it's "Journey of the Sorcerer"

I try to seperate prog rog from the real stuff.

Bands composed of former session musicians don't sit at the same level as people who were "ten year long overnight sensations" like, say, the Clash, or for that matter Black Sabbath.

Of course my favorite band from that period and this is The Chieftains, so I could be horribly biased.

Though Kraftwerk could come in a close second.

I like Hawkwind.

70s music

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How about Lene Lovich..."My lucky number's one..." smiley - smiley)

70s music

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This conversation has been around for a while I see ...

But, nobody seems to have mentioned Disco? Hmmm


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