A Conversation for The 1970s

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An excellent piece, with just one or two little errors:

1) The pirate radio stations were made illegal in 1967 and only Caroline continued into the 70's. They sprang up because we were ill-served by the BBC Light Programme, with the notable exceptions of Saturday Club and Easybeat. When Radio One started in 1967 it was manned (and I do mean MANned) by a goodly number of ex-pirates, Kenny Everett being one of them, as was John Peel. I don't remember any problems listening to Radio One other than like everything else it was on the medium wave.

2) Hair cuts - certainly by the mid-70's woman were not the only ones in the hair boutiques. As a pretentious chap in my early 20's I had my hair cut at Vidal Sasoon, amongst others. And I certainly wasn't the only man there.

3) Wages - in 1970 I changed my job. I left the firm of accountants where I was earning £10 per week for a job where I earned £15 pounds a week. I could only dream of £126 per month.

Minor quibbles - sorry.

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Minor points of order

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