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Leisure suits!

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paulh. Trump's behavior is unpresidented

At some point in the late seventies, I bought
a bunch of leisure suits because they were too
cheap to pass up. Little did I realize that they
were so cheap because they had just gone out style.
Oh, well. I wore the heck out of them. I remember
the last pair of leisure pants gave out just as I
was almost to the summit of Mount Jefferson in
New Hampshire (USA), which would have been around 1984.

But, maybe I dreamed it all, because the USA must have
gone directly from the 1960s to the 1980s, as it isn't
included in the article. I must have been in Australia
without realizing it ("Muppet show" theme? "Village
people movie"? The advent of electric typewriters?
I remember those). smiley - smiley

Back to leisure suits. I mean seriously. Take a look
at the new four-button coats in some of the trendier
men's stores. Okay, so they're not double-knit
polyester the way the seventies versions were, but
give them time. They're still polyester even if they're
called "microfiber" now. No sign of flared pants yet,
but Rome wasn't built in a day. The success of the
"Austen Powers" movies shows a wellspring of nostalgia
for the days when it was okay to waltz around in rainbow
colors (coordinated or not smiley - smiley ).

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