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Is mise Duncan

In my experience weren't the worst for being competitive to the detriment of their human nature - Birmingham were much worse!


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I agree, Birmingham's competitive 'spirit' definitely withdrew from their personalities. Loughborough's competitiveness seems to be 'in house' as nobody wants to be in the team that loses.

By the way as an update to the article Loughborough won the BUSA championship again this year!!!


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[email protected]

Loughbrough won BUSA again at what exactly? You know you have to specify..... smiley - smiley

I went to the BUSA Ten Pin Bowling Champs in Nottingham last weekend, and Loughbrough, it has to be said, were models of professionalism. Makes yer sick, doesn't it?

Although that said, we weren't exactly in the best condition, having got trolleyed the night before. We finished in LAST place. smiley - sadface

Never met the Birmingham crew......

[email protected]
City, London.


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Researcher 195098

this year (2002) we (loughborough) got a pasting in the canoe polo BUSA event at hetfield...

we ain't infalible.. then again, all the canoe club ever seem to do is go out and get drunk whilst weating silly costues.......

real mean wear rubber skirts


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I have to disagree with people slagging off Birmingham University. I was in the X-country and athletics team for 4 years, and yes we were competitive, but I never thought overly so. We went out during the day and raced hard, then we went out in the evenings and drank hard and joined in with the fun and games!

As far as the Women's team was involved, we were up there with the best of them and of course wanted to win and beat other top teams like Lufbra and Cambridge (or was it Oxford?!), but it was friendly competition. With some of the girls being top athletes and competing in national leagues and events they knew competitors from other Universities, and it always, to me, seemed to be a friendly rivalry...


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You think the rivalry with Birmingham is bad? You ought to see the rivalry which goes on between Southampton Institute and Southampton University (aka the V-necks). Walkabout Cup been found yet, V-necks??? Next year....

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