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British Universities Sports Association (BUSA)

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The British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) is the body that governs sport in British universities. Only students are allowed to take part in the competitions, which tend to occur on Wednesday afternoons. The events range from athletics to volleyball, hockey to gymnastics.

Different universities from all over the UK compete for the overall title in the men’s and women’s competitions. In the main this is a futile effort as for at least the last 20 years Loughborough University, Leicestershire, England have won both titles. As Loughborough has a reputation for sporting excellence and is expected to win everything, most other universities just compete in BUSA for fun1.

One reason for this is that BUSA is another excuse for students to get drunk. Teams will go out on a Wednesday night to celebrate their results whether they have won, drawn or lost. All in all BUSA, though a serious event in a university's week, is a good laugh and it means that competitors can travel around the country visiting other universities, and getting drunk in them.

1This is a concept unheard of when talking about sport at Loughborough.

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