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Method Acting

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Not sure I agree that this is one of the most respected styles. I was rather under the impression that outside the US, people tend to laugh at method actors. Isn't there a story about Olivier and Hoffman on the set of Marathon Man? Something like Hoffman running for miles to get out of breath so he could understand his character and Olivier saying "why don't you just act it, dear boy?"

Method Acting

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James Casey

Method acting is surely the best known style. But speaking as someone in the industry (UK - all right, at the lower end), not one of the many actors I know use 'The Method'. The problem is it doesn't allow the actor to remain in total control, and while that can sometimes produce great results, it is equally likely to make you look a complete prat. The job's acting, not being, after all.

And some parts - especially in plays - just don't allow you to use The Method. Ideally an actor uses whatever style is appropriate to the part.

Method Acting

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Jenny and Fred the cheese

ah so your a thespian too?

Method Acting

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James Casey

(Looks guilty)

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