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Roman Theatre

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Tim Smith-Antarctic Correspondant Extraordinare

I am a little disapponted in how this write up ignores Roman Theatre. Yes they did invent spectacle but there are one or two genuine Roman playwrights whose work can stand with the best of any time period. Plautus was a comedic playwright whose work "Miles Gloriosus" (the braggart warrior) may be more familiar to modern audiences as the source for "A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum". Seneca wrote formulaic historical drama that may never have been intended to be performed. someone with more recent experience in a theatre curriculum could contribute more I suspect.

Roman Theatre

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Matt the Rat

I am pretty sure that many Romans admired the works of the Greek Playwrights and kept them alive with performances. I could be wrong about this but really, the Romans took so many aspects of the Greek Culture, it is almost inconcievable that they wouldn't take the Plays too. Something interesting to look in to smiley - smiley

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