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Like the Brussels entry, this one would seem to be missing some important points.

1) No mention of Ghent, Bruges, or the Ardennes.
2) The currency section is out of date.
3) The famous Belgians has a non-Belgian on but doesn't have others. We have an EG entry on this topic now.
4) A bit more on what makes Belgium a unique place, and a bit less of the patronising tone would probably be good.

Post on this thread if you're interested in helping in an update.


Update needed

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I'm interested in writing some stuff about Belgium but I'm not sure about messing about with someone elses article. Would we have to ask permission or something?

I'm moving to Antwerp in August and one of my plans is to do a video diary of my "Belgian Beer Samplefest" in which I hope to try every single one. in doing this I hope to clear up the question of just how many there are. One of the articles says 1000 but I thought it was more like 450. Well that'll keep me busy anyway!

smiley - redwine cheers!
PS I know this is supposed to be red wine but it looks like a glass of Leffe.

Update needed

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Hi Chief

I've done all the asking permission bit - you can just come along to the update forum and add your comments.

Alternatively you could write on specific topics linked to Belgium - something on h2g2 on Belgian beer would be very welcome, I reckon.

I think in my four years here I must have tried well over 50 beers, perhaps even a hundred... I think to try them all you will have to do a fair bit of travelling, fortunately Belgium is compact!


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