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Playing styles of Dominoes

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MMF - Keeper of Mustelids, with added P.M.A., is now in a relationship.

Actually this entry could do with a bit of polish.

Here is some futher information that may be of use!

Conventional 6 spot dominoes are played using a double six to start, with play being made off each side, i.e butting on to the part of the domino (or card, tile or stone depending on your playing region and upbringing) with the middle bar of inexpensive black dominoes (famously 'Greyhound' brand) , or for a decent set in imitation ivory with a brass pin. If a double six is not playable the next nearest double is used and so on until no double is available when the highest card is used. This creates a straight run.

In 9 spot dominoes all four sides are used and double nine is used to start. This creates a Maltese cross effect.

In 12 spot dominoes the side is used and the four corners, creating an Asterix effect.

The scoring is usually based on the ends adding up to mutiples of threes and fives, which is why 9 spot is more fun, with the possibilty of 15 scoring 5x3 and 3x5. It is loosely based on crib.

Another way is just to play the dominoes as they are and when all the dominoes have been played, each player counts the spots remaining in their hand, and that counts against them. If the game is being used for gambling, there is often a value to each spot, which is then payed to the winner.

The reason for the brass pin in the dominoes are to enable a player who is down to the last domino to 'Spin' it, thus declaring he is potentially one hand away from winning. If it is not declared, tghe penalty is usually to miss ago and pick another domino if any remain in the bank. A forfiet can also occur if a domino is not played when a domino is not played.

I have all three sets in various guises. Nines are best, Sixes boring, and twelves confusing especially after an smiley - ale or two.

There are also variations on the game including the 70's phenomenon of Triominoes, as well as picture dominoes for Kids. another variation is for each seperate group of dots to be in a different colour (especially in twelves to prevent confusion between nines, tens, elevens and twelves. Not uncommon when drink is involved)

I would be interested in other variations of the game.

I also have a hand blown glass set of double six, nine and twelve (i.e three 'minoes) that I was given for my 30th Birthday, as I played nines in my alleged 'Local' (although I had moved a number of times) for over 5 years, every night good game but Carp smiley - ale

Look forward to new discussions, and maybe polishing this entry!

PS: Photos to follow when the opportunity arises, maybe next weekend.

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Playing styles of Dominoes

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MMF - Keeper of Mustelids, with added P.M.A., is now in a relationship.

Hi Bluejaie,

Can I have your permission to update this entry, as there is more info that could be added, which could make it a more rounded entry.

I look forward to a reply, and if I don't hear in the next 7-10 days, I will assume that is ok.

smiley - ok

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Playing styles of Dominoes

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MazinMadFiddler and others:
Have you heard of a domino game referred to in the '40's or 50's as "balaclava"? I would like to know the rules. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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