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lee lee

My son who is seven has one on his thumb and is very afraid of any treatment
I suggest.This sounds like something he would go for.Hope it works.

this may be disgusting,but...

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Three years ago I grew a wart on my left hands little finger. I tried all the store bought remedies and nothing worked.

Finaly in a fit of aggrivation I bit the sucker off. Thankfully it never returned, but I do have a constant itch where it once was.

this may be disgusting,but...

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Dancing Ermine

They do enetually just disappear if you ignore them long enough. I had one on my right ring finger by the nail, which spread to the knuckle of the middle finger. this lasted for a good few year but did eventually just heal on its own. No sign no scar no itch. I could have done with the aloe remedy though.

anger is the best remedy

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i used to have a wart on my index finger which resisted all efforts to remove. I had it burnt off and frozen off to no avail. then i received the doctor's account and STILL had the wart. i felt really angry at it and it disappeared within days. the dermatologist who tried to remove it had told me that strong emotions often worked when all else failed.

anger is the best remedy

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Good Luck lee lee, tell us if it works? Its funny that you mention the anger thing -- when I discovered this remedy -- I was going through the worst pain and anger of my life -- maybe that confounded the results . . .

~Beeblefish smiley - fish

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