A Conversation for Curing Warts


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Hapi - Hippo #5

Broad beans! really helps, take about a week.
Rub the wart with broad bean skin for about half an hour a day. Do this just a few (five or so) days. The wart just fades away.


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Arizoniac keeper of the desert wanderer of the forests

Cure for warts requires the stimulation of the immune system to recognize that the virus has invaded the cells and tricked them into production of all of the keritin which cleverly protects the little RNA buggers. My favorite therapies:1) take two kernels of corn, rub them on the wart(s) and feed them (the corn) to your neighbors chicken. 2) Hypnosis, in a group of school chidren hypnosis showed an advantage over non-hypnosis in resolving warts. And the all-time standby, especially for plantar warts, apply Duct Tape as a patch and leave on for sufficient days to create maceration of the skin, repeat as needed until the wart peels off with the tape.

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