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Curing Warts

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For anyone who has suffered the ignominy of having a pesky wart, here is a plain and simple cure.

First off, you must get hold of plasters, aloe gel, vitamin E lotion and a little common sense. You can buy brand plasters that already have these ingredients soaked into the plaster.

Simply put the plaster with all the lotions over the wart and replace daily - but this is the trick: wear them 24 hours a day. These things are miraculous.

Aloe is an age old cure for warts - but the problem is they grow back.

Vitamin E is a skin nutrient - now you would think it would worsen the problem but, theoretically, what happens is that the aloe kills the wart tissue, while the Vitamin E causes your skin underneath it to grow faster - too fast for the wart to re-establish itself in to the new layers of skin. The upshot is that the new skin underneath the wart literally pushes the wart off faster than it can get a grip.

As anyone who has ever had a wart can attest, this is by far the most pleasant way of removing a wart, compared to acids, lasers, or liquid nitrogen treatments.

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