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If you've ever worked in a big industrial kitchen...

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... you'll have done a shift on an industrial sized dishwasher. These are huge brutes capable of doing forty or fifty dinner plates in a minute and a half (in fact, I worked with industrial strength dishwashers for a long time before I ever came accross a "normal" home-kitchen sized one. I was so used to big powerful washers that did a whole load in under two minutes that I was convinced the one meant for a domestic kitchen was broken - I expected this to complete its cycle inside a minute and a half too. When somebody told me a domestic dishwasher takes up to an hour to complete a wash,and that this one was in fact functioning as it should, my first thoughts were "what a pi$$ poor performance")

But I digress. If you have warts on your hands, spend two or three days hauling baskets of plates and cutlery in and out of a big industrial dishwasher. You wil see them shrink and vanish in a way you would not believe.

My theory is that the damp hot steamy consitions soften up the thick warty skin so it sloughs off naturally.

Combine this with the dishwashing chemical - which is potassium hydroxide, caustic soda's dead hard big brother which weill pick a fight with anything - and it's not only a skin softener, it's a powerful antiseptic/disinfectant that kills the virus causing the wart.

(NaOH is sprayed on to dirty plates insidfe the machine in something like a 1:1000 solution, btw - not nearly enough to burn exposed skin)

try it - it works!

If you've ever worked in a big industrial kitchen...

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If you were in a kitchen and had warts, why on earth weren't they covered up?

If you've ever worked in a big industrial kitchen...

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Apologies, didn't mean to offend anyone... it was just A wart singular, a single quite pesky and persistent one on my left index finger that had stood up to everything thatcould be thrown to it and regrown after even the severest auto-surgery. (involved deep breaths and a sterile blade)

In THAT particular Mac-job I had nothing to do with preparing the food, all I did was wash the wretched dishes. I don't recall any gloves being provided and I probably wouldn't have worn them for very long if there were - protection is all very well, but thin latex gloves are a hassle to keep intact and Marigolds deaden sensation, as well as becoming yechilly slimy with sweat on the inside. We actively preferred bare hands!

THe heat and sterile qualities of a big industrial dishwasher kills warts stone dead. Try it. It's one of few advantages to an ill-paid Mac-job!

If you've ever worked in a big industrial kitchen...

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I have no need thank you! But I'll bear it in mind just in case.

Sorry it's just one of my pet hates. I teach and you can guarantee that if one child on a table has an uncovered wart the rest will follow shortly.smiley - wah

I wasn't suggesting you were making wart burgers though! Hehe!

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If you've ever worked in a big industrial kitchen...

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