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Working out your bra size.

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Cheerful Dragon

I've just realized, nearly 7 years late, that I posted that wrong!smiley - yikes It should have said.

1. Measure under your bust. This is your bra size.
2. If the value is odd, add 5. If it is even, add 4.
3. Measure over your bust at the widest point.
3. Subtract measurement 2 from measurement 3. If they are the same, you need an A cup. 1 inch difference = B, 2 inches = C, and so on.

Or something. I think. smiley - ermsmiley - headhurts

Working out your bra size.

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Can I make a plea for the aesthetic value of powder blue as a colour for female underwear?

Never fails to look good, or maybe I'm easily pleased.

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Working out your bra size.

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