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Hoorah, Natski!

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Now that's a really good article, Natski, I am hugely impressed. I've only ridden the Indian-Pacific as far as Broken Hill from Sydney, but the temptation is growing stronger again, now.

Why did you feel compelled to mention the Spice Girls, however...smiley - winkeye?

Hoorah, Natski!

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Ioreth (on hiatus)

And jut out of curiosity, how long is the Nullarbor(when driving)? Thanks.

Hoorah, Natski!

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Sorry, there's no fathomable excuse for mentioning the Spice Girls - not sure what came over me!!

As for how long the Nullarbor is . . . hmmmm . . . really good question. I don't have a map to consult to give you exact distances, and it's open to interpretation really . . . I consider the Nullarbor crossing to include the whole distance between Norseman (in the West) and say, Ceduna in the East, but you're not technically driving through the Nullarbor for all of that distance (if that makes any sense!!). That journey would take you about 15-17 hours if you drove straight through, if that's any indication!! smiley - smiley

Hoorah, Natski!

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Ioreth (on hiatus)

Thanks! smiley - smiley

...even though it doesn't make sense...

Hoorah, Natski!

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Gavin Orr

I don't know where it starts or stops but I did the trip from Adelaide to Perth, both ways, and while it was too long on the "going" trip, it was far too long on the "coming back" trip.

Although not many people can say they have had to stop the car until the wild camel blocking their way got fed up and moved on. Apparently there are, or were, hundreds of them roaming about, but they have a lot of space to do it in, so you don't see many.

One other word of advice, don't take the trip with people who can't carry on a conversation, or with people who don't know when to be quiet. Also don't take the trip with your partner if the relationship is strained (unless you want to end the relationship, and/or have somewhere to hide the body!).

According to whereis.com.au, Adelaide to Perth is 2701.06 KLM, and will take 29 hours and 5 minutes, but my guess is to maintain an average speed of 92 KPH you would need to go at or near the speed limit all the way, without ever stopping. The longest "straight" in the directions is Ceduna to Norseman, at 1202.08 Kilometers (12 hours 46 minutes at an average speed of 94KPH - as if!).

Worth doing once though, but not again, at least not with petrol at AUD1.19 a litre (and that's in Sydney).

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