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The Nullabor Australia

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Researcher Marj

I can fully endorse what was written about this so bleak place. Several times I have made the journey by car. Once we drove for miles over live and dead mice, all starving trying to get to the nearest town which they had over run. So not only do you have to face Kangaroos, Wombats and various other weird animals jumping out in front of your car. At times you drive through loads of locusts which clog your radiator and you have to stop and clean it out. Luckily there are a few broken down petrol stations where one can eat and some have beds. As I always stopped each night I had to use them and the trip from Adelaide to Perth took three and a half days. I once did it by train, by far the best way. A sleeper, meals at regular times and nothing to do but look at nothing, read or sleep. Definitely a must for visitors I think, especially as the train now goes from Perth W.A to Brisbane Queensland.I have flown there and back once but I dislike flying. I would rather spend the time and go by rail. No more car journeys ever again. Cheers Marj

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The Nullabor Australia

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