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Smij - Formerly Jimster

I never got past the first few sections of this, as I just couldn't get my head around it, but one of my work colleagues at the time told me that there's one section where your enemy mimics everything you do, so the only way round it is to plug in a controller into the second port and use that one instead.

It's the videogame equivalent of the kind of 'breaking the fourth wall' that TV shows like The Young Ones tried to do, stepping out of the virtual reality and playing with the nmotion of it only being a game.

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Yeah, it *is* possible to fight him without taking the controller out but it makes it a lot harder.
One of the best bits about that battle is the enemy is meant to be "psychic" and so on the Playstation Konami made the game read the memory card and if it found certain Konami games it recognised it would comment on them. i.e. if it found you had a Konami made football game it would say "Ahhh, I see you are a keen footballer".


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Same as the GameCube remake except that Psycho Mantis reads Nintendo games...

Great picture by the way!

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