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As I recall, at least for some clubs, anyone who wants to can pay a small fee (I think it was 5 bucks) to get a membership that's good for x amount of time, or maybe forever. And the interesting thing is, if you're arriving in a group, that person is instantly able to invite in a certain number of guests, so if you're a group of 4, say, it's possible only one person need become a member.

Of course, the real trouble is you'll have to pick your bar (er, club) carefully, or else you'll be paying out too much in membership fees hopping around.

Also if the place is a restaurant, there is no membership requirement, although I'm not sure if they're allowed to do mixed drinks with no membership. I know they can do beer and wine without, and many restaurants do let you bring in your own wine, but may charge a "corking fee" for providing you with glasses, etc.


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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Well in a resteraunt you have to order food to get alcohol, also the law states that you must wait two weeks to get your membership. Most clubs you can find a sponser, but it still is a pian. But I still have a favorite pub. I went for months with an expired membership because I forgot to renwew it. Utah charges private clubs$12 a year for each membership. Most clubs make the patron pay that and sometime a little more. I have about five memberships, but when I sponser people in they buy me drinks. It is something of an investment.

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