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RV in Utah

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Researcher 181562

I am from England and will be travelling through Utah by RV in August. Is it possible to buy wine at a supermarket ? Can you get wine in resteraunts ? Is it legal for me to bring wine in to Utah in my RV and then drink it at the camp site ? Why is it not my choice whether or not I drink ?

The parallels with muslim countires are interesting. In Pakistn it is possible to drink if you can prove that you are a Christian. So I guess it may be easier for a Utah resisdent to get a drink in Pakistan than Utah.

RV in Utah

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

I will answer your questions as best I can in order.

You cannot buy wine at the supermarket, but you can at the state run liquor stores. You can get wine in nicer resteraunts with no problem usually. You just have to ask for a wine list. As long as you have alcohol for personal use you should not have a problem taking wine into the state, however by the letter of the law I believe it to be against the law. I have done it many times however. As for why it is not your choice... You have to talk to the lawmakers here for that.

If you are passing through Salt Lake while in Utah you should let me know. I would like to meet researchers from the other side of the pond some time Everyone I have met from the guide, so far, have lived within a few hundred miles from SLC. Let me know if you would like to do lunch. I would also be glad to give you pointers on things to see etc around the state.

Oh, and Nice to meet you!


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