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Utah Beer

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Bruce from the University of Woolloomooloo

Is it weak in alcohol? Is that some sort of statutory requirement? Or are the customers not too discerning, considering that there's nothing but desert between them and Las Vegas?

I couldn't imagine the horror of living in a teetotal CITY, let alone a whole state!!

Utah Beer

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

The beer in Utah cannot be above 4.0% alcohol by volume. The average beer is 3.2%. Only recently have the regulations been relaxed enough to allow malt beverages that are up to 4%. Wine, in any fashion, is only sold at the state run liquor stores. The border towns of Wendover Nevada and Evanston Wyoming are only a few hours away so we in Salt Lake City tend to drive there if we really want to aviod the state stores to get "real" beer. It is often worth the cost of petrol to drive there if you purchase a lot of beverage, however it is illegal to transport alcohol across the borders. Even with all the pains we suffer to have a drink that are many places to get drinks, they are just inconvenient.

Thanks for reading my entry BTW.

Utah Beer

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I live in Salt Lake City, and I have all my life. So I really have not realized how weak our liqor laws are untill i visit other states. But it isn't totally hard to get a drink here. I remeber during the olympics it was really easy to get a drink, and well once at like 1:00 there was this big riot, and there were loads of police all over, it was horrible, and our stupid butt munching lousy mayor proby the worst we ever had said it wasn't a riot...........HELLO! He's really terrible

Utah Beer

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Nice to meet you!

You are right, during the Olympics it was not as bad, but it shows some inconsistencies in the enforcement of the laws. Many laws were selectivly enforced for the duration of the games.

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