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Darwin didn't come up with the Theory of Evolution many others had postulated the idea before him. His book is titled "On the origin of species", which proposes the mechanism by which evolution operates, ie. survival of the fittest. Some scientists now doubt the theory & believe that "Catastrophism" may be the trigger of evolution. Mike.


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Saw a documentary on television the other day which expounded the theory that insect life forms were dominant in the days before Dinosaurs appeared,(Devonian Age,I think it was,)and they were killed of in the main by climatic changes rather than by evolution.Along with how we believe the Dinosaurs became extinct,I would also go for the "catastrophism" theory rather than evolution.


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Hi Compo,

I still believe in evolution but that catastrophe is the mechanism by which it operates. In other words "Survival of the luckiest" rather than "Survival of the fittest". Mankind may very well carry a gene for luck & I seem to have lost mine or maybe it was just a recessive. Regards, Mike.....

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