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why did humans start off in the world anyway smiley - erm


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No reason - just the result of an accident. All life is a result of an accident. There's no meaning to it. A person's life-time is the time spent by that person in seeking his or her individual state of mental equilibrium.


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that's confusing. Why not just say that a divine being or something created atoms that formed the big bang. possibly from mars, bacteria arrived on earth via rocks being knocked off mars by meteorites before the Earth began life. That formed semi-aquatic beings which developed to become homo-sapiens. smiley - biggrin
is that it? or am i wrong 2 u in my thery. I'm not actually a teenager yet though, so u mite overlook this. but I'd really like 2 hear your views. smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin


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life is to be enjoyed. not to think of how long it'll last. hoping for a gr8 future and luck. Why waste it on wondering something which can never be answered in your lifetime. Atleast a question like: global warming has relevance and has answers. no offence, but worrying and questioning stuff that shouldn't truly be messed with is a bit idiotic. but don't mind me. I just find it a silly matter to think of yet quite a good discussion if you really 'bring it on'.


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But how can you enjoy life without knowing why you are here? How can you take pleasure in the simplest, most meaningless things if you don't know how meaningless they are? In fact, it's beyond me how we've gotten to the point where debate about how to fix the damage we caused the world (I.E. global warming, the latest stories about beached whales and sonar) surpasses debate about why we're here. If we'd spent more time thinking, and less time just enjoying things, the dodo would still be alive, vehicles would be clean and safe and you'd never get crumbs in your bed when you ate biscuits. The judgement of what is important is secondary to the judgment of what is.

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