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Darwin fish

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Thorfin Skullsplitter, berserk warrior (1+6)*(1+7-2+0)=42

In reference to the chrome fish on cars. They are now making Darwin fish, they look like the Christian fish (or Jesus fish, as they are sometimes called), only they say DARWIN in the middle and have legs.

Darwin fish

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Since the little nickel flounders are found in the area of the rear fascia of an automobile that usually sports a dealer's thingie, I have always told friends and family that the shiny salmon represents Ichthus Motors, home of 'Resurrected Cars Fit for a King'.

Darwin fish

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The Dali Llama

There are now many, many types of fish: Devil fish(with horns), Alien fish(antennae), pagan fish, gefilte fish , bhudda fish, and more.

Darwin fish

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

I like the one that looks like this:
smiley - sharksmiley - fish

Darwin fish

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There's also a variation on the one with feet - I've seen one where it's holding tools in its arms...

Fish Variations

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Hikaru Poet

I have seen the original fish on cars.

I have seen the Darwin "fish" on cars.

I have seen a bigger version of the original fish eating the Darwin fish on cars.

I have seen a "PromiseBreakers" fish on a bumper sticker on a motorcycle.

I have seen a fish with characters spelling out "'n' chips" inside of it on a car.

One could take the parodies as a sign of disrespect for the ancient spiritual significance of the symbol. Or one could celebrate the fact that the fish symbol is so original and so powerful people feel compelled to respond.

Can we start playing with the equal symbol and rainbow symbol now?

Fish Variations

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Give a new meaning to the Biblical phrase: two by two?

I've always found it interesting that a symbol that originally meant a pun on the greek word 'agape', indicating a sort of 'openness', could find it's way to indicating a kind of 'exclusiveness', kinda like the bumper stickers that say "In the event of Rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned".

The nyah-nyah-nyah nature of the arrogance truly deserves parody.

Christ said,"You tell me that you are the children of Abraham! Why, I can make new children of Abraham from these stones!"

Not sure I want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member!

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