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Darwin's Fish

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I once saw on the back of a car somewhere along the A1 a fish based on the christian one, but with four legs and the word 'Darwin' replacing that Greek word for fish, which has slipped my mind.
Quite cleverly done, I thought.

Darwin's Fish

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As a Christian, that symbol offends me, but I can find offensive humor thoroughly enjoyable. smiley - smiley
Plus, a lot of Christians buy the darwin fish-amphibian ad put them on upside-down.

So everyone buy a Darwin Fish
and then display it as you wish.

smiley - winkeye

Darwin's Fish

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

I have a fish on my car that has four legs and the word "Evolve" in the middle of it on the back of my car. The fish holds a wrench in one hand. The back has the following inscription:

"Behold the tool-user, and important step along the evolutionary trail.
Why a wrench? It is one tool that cannot be mistaken for a weapon."

I never saw a reason to have one until I got sick of seeing those nonheterosexual "Harvest Crusade" bumper stickers everywhere I went... proof that mankind is immune to the benefits of evolution.

Colonel Sellers, who proudly proclaims that he is more than just some kernel of wheat waiting to be hurled into the religious thresher.

Darwin's Fish

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I like the bit about the wrench not being mistaken for a weapon. Clever. smiley - smiley

But enlighten me on this "Harvest Crusade" thing. I don't know anything about it, and I've never seen the bumper stickers. I'm naught but a pale student, and I don't get out much...

Darwin's Fish

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

The Harvest Crusade was a big evangelical thing that toured all across America. They gathered people in big outdoor stadiums and parking lots and such, told them all they were going to Heaven, that they were therefore better than everyone else, yadda yadda yadda, put on a couple of bands between preachers, and handed out bumper stickers. Why any self-respecting individual would proudly proclaim he had been "harvested," I have no idea. Has roughly the same connotation as the "sheep." The badge fits, but it makes you wonder why one would wear such a badge so proudly.

Darwin's Fish

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People's reactions to these 'Darwin's Fish' are extraordinary. My friend had a person write a 3 page letter telling him why Darwin's theories were incorrect and that Creationism was the 'true' way that the earth and all its inhabitants came about. People with that much time on their hands scares me to no end.

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