A Conversation for Exam Revision without Crenellating Brain Cells

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Dinsdale Piranha

Especially the last bullet point.

Unfortunately, I am doing an Open University course this year which is in its first year of presentation, so NO PAST PAPERS!!!


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Psycho Si

I am currently in the second year at Durham Uni studying Chemistry, this article generally gives good advice although I think I will have to do a lot more than 2 weeks revision, as the course is so complicated in places. I think the length of time doing revision depends on what subject you are studying, an also the level you are at.

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Also at Durham Uni, studying Archaeology and History in my final year.
My best advice is to select courses which have a large amount
of assessed course work. I know this is a good idea because
I failed to do this and now my whole final year rests on five
exams which are all in the final week of the exam period
when everybody else will be making a noise celebrating
the end of their exams. So don't make this mistake.
Its stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Also, don't ignore the little things. The small percentages that make up your final mark.

For example, 30% of my overall mark for one subject comes from tutorials. As I need 60% to pass, if I do well in tutes (and actually show up) I'm halfway there and suddenly the pressure of final exam is not so great.

If attendence is put towards your final mark, then what easier way to get the points? Even if you sit up the back and sleep, you are (technically) attending.

As Blink 182 say... "All the small things..."

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Jacculus of Rome

I'm doing GCSEs at the moment so this article is oriented towards my experiences of revision. I'll be moving on next year to study at IB level, doing Maths,chemistry and physics at higher and english,german and something of the humanities type at standard with further maths as an extra which I am looking forward to

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I'm currently in my second year of a maths course at leicester uni - had 2 exams in the last 2 days, got another three over the next four days to look forward to.
My piece of advice is this:

When you're supposed to be revising, don't sit around posting to conversations on the internet...smiley - erm

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This advice relley works im half way thogh my A levels and currently on a break from revision try having a half hour break fo r every hour and a half revision.
smiley - magic

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