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Philip Chicken and her two pet pig-slippers Elliot and Elliot.

As an added sugestion, I would like to say that making up truly rediculous phrases, parodies of songs and other such nonsense, in which, of course, you have included information you wish to recall later, (as making up nonsense without any information portaining to your material is not like to assist you in any way whatsoever) shall help enourmously in your efforts to do so. One word of warning however, if you make up anything overly vulger, humorous or stupid, you do run the risk of laughing aloud during an Exam/test/quiz which, appart from making you look perfectly foolish, will also eat up valuable time.

Another Study Tip

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Researcher U138169

Been there and done that! And yes, it does work, but I ended up with the first line of Black Sabbath's Paranoid in my head for my Chemistry GCSE- I had changed it to "Finished with my mother cos her cat pissed on my underpants". (It does fit). It had me nearly rolling on the floor when I came to a tough question on equilibrium...

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