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riding a motorbike

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hi, im a 15 year old who just cant wait till i can ride a bike, but 1 problem, i dont know anything about bikes or engines or anything, and i realli think i should start learning but none of my m8s know about it either, so does anyone know any good websites or books i can learn alot from?


riding a motorbike

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

aaaah...the only way you can learn to ride a bike, is to just go ahead and take lessons.

The other option is (if you can afford it) is to buy an old bike and the manual to go with it, and then take the bike apart.

It's not easy, but well worth the effort smiley - winkeye

riding a motorbike

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You could read this for starters: A271720

Vicki's right (how are you V, by the way smiley - smiley) when she says buy an old bike. Get something that's not too powerful (depending on the rules where you live you might have no choice about that anyway) - like, say, a suzuki GS500 or any of the naked 250s like the honda cb250...or even a road/trail bike. The point is to do some research and get one that isn't going to bite you the first time you twist the throttle and that you don't mind dropping...because chances are you will drop it.

Once you've learnt how to ride, sell it for a bigger,newer, bike if you're so inclined.

And first time riders have major insurance costs too. Are 15yr olds even allowed on the road where you live? Funny, I think you'd be allowed to race bikes - maybe that's another thing to think about doing, if you can afford it - get into dirt bikes and go racing(I know that might sound contradictory to what I said above, but riding on a track is a lot different to riding on the roads). I wish I'd done more off-road riding, you learn great bike control skills.

Anyway, good luck, and keep your shiny side up!

smiley - cheers

riding a motorbike

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DOH! There I go again, not reading what page the conversation came from...just ignore the link in the message above.

riding a motorbike

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Have you seen the club page? A724312

riding a motorbike

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Hey, I'm 16 and I've wanted a motorbike for years. I've been on the back of three different types. Today, i was on the back of a 650cc Suzuki. I also sat on it and held it. Pretty heavy.
THe thing is, I want to get some lessons, and get my license, but I'm not sure how soon you go on the road. I've never ridden a motorbike by my self, so I'm worried about that. Also, the weight of the 650cc has made me wonder whether I'd topple over while going round a corner. Can anyone help me out? And tell me what it's like riding one please?

Thanks guys.

riding a motorbike

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Why don't you try asking the MHMC (that's Mostly Harmless Motorcycle Club) members at A724312 <----click there

smiley - biker

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