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Whoever wrote this article needs to get real.

He says: "Sliding the tyres is something to learn from an expert" What an irresponsible load of drivel. This implies that in order to ride on the road, you must learn how to slide your tyres!

and: "don't worry if the back tyre slides a little, just apply constant acceleration out of the corner remembering to counter steer". Yes, mate, that's all well and good, but if you do not happen to be Valentino Rossi, you're going to end up on your arse. You seem to have forgotten that this article is aimed at beginners, not MotoGP Gods, which is obviously what you are.

What an idiot.

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Judging by your posts/personal space I'm guessing you are hitting and running, but I'll bite anyway....

Thanks for taking the time to read the entry. However, I think you need to consider the intention of the article and indeed of H2G2 more generally. I appreciate and welcome feedback on anything I write, but the name-calling is a bit unnecessary, and reflects poorly on you.

This entry is not meant to be taken for gospel. The very first sentence is important and is there for a reason.

Motorcycle tyres do slide. I'm not sure how much riding you've done, but it would be unusual to ride a bike without experiencing an unintentional rear-tyre slide from time to time. The point here is to not panic - i.e., don't let go of the throttle suddenly, grab the brakes, etc. Then you won't "end up on your arse"...if you have a more constructive suggestion about how to amend the entry I am happy to hear it.

Deliberate tyre sliding is a different matter, and is perhaps indeed for the MotoGP gods. Well, not really. Even us lesser mortals can learn to slide in a controlled way...in the part of the world where I live it's essential - on the dirt, for example.

Perhaps one day we can meet in person and discuss the finer points of riding a bike over a beer. I am, after all, a forgiving soul.

In the meantime, keep your shiny side up.

smiley - bikersmiley - zen

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