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I have been a car driver for 12 years and at 30 am now learning to ride a bike. I've had a couple of lessons and am taking a 3rd on Friday and possibly a 4th, all before I do my DAS/CBT. What I was wondering does it all come together at some point? I'm having a terrible time co-ordinating everything. And trying to get the bike on the stand - I've seen the instructor put the bike on the stand (central stand) and it looks so easy, when I do I stuggle and stuggle. So any helpful pointers would be most appreciated. thanks.

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As per responses in your clubhouse posting smiley - smiley

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I am in the same boat, I have been driving for quiet a while, I am 37 and find driving so easy compared to riding, I am a person that thinks too much anyway but I found the other day when I was practising that I just stopped thinking and was much happy, I still have times when I do think too much and get things wrong like giving it too much revs when changing gear but stick with it.
My heart is set on a Honda CBR 600 RR, I think they look and sound so good and I don't think I would be happy with a 250 or 400cc bike.
If anyone can offer me advice it would be really appreciated.

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My suggestion is to get yourself a dirtbike to play on - it's great for gaining confidence, and because you have so much more to think about - riding the bike becomes natural to you. Green laning, trail riding, off road rallies are a great place to start - makes road riding seem easier afterwards.
Have fun!smiley - biggrin

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I've been away from bikes for 25 years and am going for my DAS test early next year having done the theory and CBT already.... good luck with your test!

As for putting a bike on its stand, try this technique (hope I'm not stating the obvious!):

Stand next to the bike on level ground, with one hand on the left bar and the other on the rear grabrail to hold the machine steady. Try to hold the bike steady in as upright a position as possible but leaning slightly towards you. (overbalance and you will end up on top of the bike in an embarrassing and possibly painful heap!)

Put your left foot on the peg that extends from the stand and push down so both legs are touching the ground. Then, smoothly but firmly, push down on the stand with your left foot while pulling the rear grab rail up and backwards until the bike is fully supported.

I would suggest you practise on some lighter machinery before you attempt it on a 500/600cc bike. This is the typical capacity used for DAS tests, and are pretty heavy! A good instructor will help you in any way he can, you won't make yourself look stupid, so shout if in doubt!
smiley - cheers

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