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This is very helpfull!

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Hi Guys:

A little intro bout the writer of this memo.
As a child I always heard my granfather complain about cars. And from then on it has always been in my head that i would only ride a motorcycle, never a car. But as one grows older, parents caution one about bikes and the risks, and them not wanting to go to their daughters funeral..........i let go of that idea. Worse, when i was young i got tempted to ride my cousin's scooter............an act that almost killed him and I in one shot. I burried the idea deep deep down. I went for my car license and not the bike license, i felt sad, but i was afraid. Now i am in my early thirties, and again the motorcycle-dream is still there. Plenty of my friends have a bike and ride it almost every day, never a problem, or not huge ones that is. Okay a couple of bumps with cardoors opening just when they pass.......ejm. And another one sliding to his side, scratching the bike's body and hurting his ancle,..... gulp.
So I have decided to look up on the internet "How to Ride a Motorcycle", and I found your site.

I feel a bit better, still cautioned, but still reasured that with a bit of common sense, it could be the most liberating experience in a persons life.

I will start soon lessons, and hopefully have my license in my hand in the near future. Then the big search for my first bike will start. Of course as everyone has one special in mind-a harley sportster.......one can dream............

My compliments to the creators of this guide, very helpfull indeed.

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This is very helpfull!

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Feel free to drop in/join the Mostly Harmless Motorcycle Club: A724312

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This is very helpfull!

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