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Your favourite B-sides.

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One Brain Cell

Yep, the Manics have got a lot of good B-sides. What are your favourites? I like;

- Comfort Comes
- Sepia
- Can't take my eyes off you
- Raindrops keep falling on my head
- Dead Trees & Traffic Islands
- Prologue to History

I wonder what the chances are of a B-sides album ever coming out. I have comfort comes on cassette, but the recording has become a little screwed up after repeated playing. I'd love it on CD or MP3.

Your favourite B-sides.

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Michele - Doily Mogul: Don't leave me! If you go there'll be no braincells in the room at all!

Howdy One Brain Cell! We have something in common (basically it's one brain cell!) Ha!

You need to put something on your personal page, so that we can email you there. We can't leave you messages or just pop by to say "hi" until you do.

smiley - cheers

Your favourite B-sides.

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One Brain Cell

Hi Michele,

OK, I've just done thatsmiley - smiley Sorry, I only joined this place yesterday, so this is all a bit new to me. I didn't realise people would even bother looking at my own personal page, but it seems to be some sort of hub for each person. I take it now that I've typed in a few lines there, people can reply and whatnot?


Your favourite B-sides.

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Researcher 195959

Mine are: Dead Yankee Drawl, A vision of dead desire, and the cover of the Guns and Roses classic Its so easy.

Your favourite B-sides.

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One Brain Cell

For my sins researcher 195959 I have never heard the B-sides that you mention. I mean I know of them, but I still haven't heard them. I remember coming across a bootleg CD a couple of years back in a market called 'Manic's Acoustics' or something ike that, and it was basically a whole load of B-sides from the GT era. Damn I really should have bought that when I saw it. Every time I went back there looking, it was never again on show.

Your favourite B-sides.

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Well it's not so much a B-side but i loved it anyway:-
On TV in about 1995 I saw James do a solo acoustic version of Whams ' Last Christmas'
it sounded sooooo much better than the original cack!
Sorry I meant 'track'

Your favourite B-sides.

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I have an ancient tape of Manics B-Sides, but haven;t been able to find them elsewhere, until recently. Try manics.net for hard to find MP3's.


Your favourite B-sides.

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Greta_9, Keeper of the 4/4 Beat and Deep Sexy Basslines, in a strange condition

Oooh, I'm a big fan of Richey-era Manics (thus I belong to the Old Fanbase), and I loved their b-sides so much. The first one that springs to mind is their cover of The Happy Mondays' "Wrote for Luck", but they have so many that I can't even remember them.

I loved them so much... they were to me what Nirvana were to a lot of people.

Your favourite B-sides.

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Prejudice burns brighter when its all when have to burn

james does an version of bright eyes.. on an accoustic.. its brilliant..

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