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suicide is painless

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Sick Bob. (Most recent incarnation of the Dark Lord Cyclops. Still lord and master of the Anti Squirrel League and Keeper of c

I have to agree. Nothing beats the A-team. Except possibly Dangermouse. Haha smiley - biggrin

Anyway, what's wrong with Judas Priest! I mean, they may not have the pure cheesy class of Maiden but they still rock out. smiley - devil hurhurhur.
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suicide is painless

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vogonpoet (AViators at A13264670)

I know someone who knows someone who is related to the bloke who WROTE the Dangermouse themetune? How cool is that?

suicide is painless

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Sick Bob. (Most recent incarnation of the Dark Lord Cyclops. Still lord and master of the Anti Squirrel League and Keeper of c

That's like, sooo cool.

However I knew someone who knew someone who supposedly knew Douglas Adams. smiley - yikes

I never met the great man though, and now never will. smiley - blue

Sorry if that brought a downer on things. Everyone, "Shiny happy people smiling!" smiley - biggrin

suicide is painless

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Katsy a.k.a. Esti

I finally managed to get the marilyn manson version of suicide is painless into my audiogalaxy queue last night....*looks forward to hearing it in a grudgingly sort of way*

and interestingly enough, there is the original Heavenly version of "Spectators of Suicide" on the free CD with this weeks NME

suicide is painless

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Katsy a.k.a. Esti

my brother used to work at h2g2 and was a close friend of DNA, he was really shocked and sad afterwards smiley - sadface he even worked on minor non h2g2 things for him after he left (summer 2000 i think it was)and as payment he gave him his OWN digital camera!

DANGERMOUSE is the BEST cartoon EVER!!!! (after Beavis and Butthead of course!)

suicide is painless

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One Brain Cell

I have 'Suicide is painless'. I'd been looking for it for ages, and then found it when I wasn't looking. It was in a second hand shop on a compilation called 'The Greatest Hits of 1992'. Apparently it reached number 7 in the UK charts, and I still have a vague recollection of them performing the song on 'Top of the Pops', with James shirt-less, with images of marylin monroe's face stamped all over his torso in the shape of a cross.

The Manic's are my favourite band. I got 'This is my Truth tell me Yours' on the day of its release, and I think after that, I didn't bother with their latest album. I left it for over a year, then I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I ave to say I was hugely impressed. There are some duff tracks on it (Wattsville Blues,never let Nicky sing again), but its great. So much better than the bloated 'This is my Truth'. It puts me in mind of something like 'The Holy Bible' but something adjascent to it, like a younger brother of that album. Its cool.

Now that I've listened to this album, I really hope they can make one last one before the end. I know they're thinking of calling it a day soon but, based on this, I would certainly buy one last album of theirs.

And yes, Baby Elian really should have been a single. So uplifting and graceful. That albums 'Tsumani' I reckon.

suicide is painless

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Katsy a.k.a. Esti

My earliest manic memory was my brother coming in the room singing "everything must go" (which at the time was their latest single) and i asked him what he was singing. His reply was "Well, you and your band taste in music would have never heard of the band. Its called "everything must go" and its by the manic street preachers". i never forgot that lol! Sad arent i! he was right though...i was into the spice girls big time back then...

Did i mention i saw SIP in a shop in camden? an original as well *sobs*

suicide is painless

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I just recently got into Manic Street Preachers, I dont have any of their albums yet but I've heard some of the songs from The Holy Bible. '4st 7lb' is just.....i dont know what to say about it but I'm gonna hear some more of their stuff, definatley.

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