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My "Music Memory" of "Yesterday"

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The BBC started in 2001 a new website called; "The Nation's House of Music Memories" and I had just put my first steps at the internet and discovered this project by accident.

At that moment there was nothing to séé about that project.
I thought, that íf I would write my very own smiley - musicalnotememory about "Yesterday" by The Beatles, it would end in an enormous catalogue, somewhere hidden in the BBC-digital archives.

So I wrote my smiley - musicalnotestory at a saturday evening late, "just for histories sake", so to speak.

After a few months, I was very surprised, to see my own story at the BBCi site about smiley - musicalnoteMemories.
It was one of the stories they had selected.

But now, oktober 2003, the whole project has been cancelled and now I thought; "well, why not put it here".

P.S. I do speak about "my daughter". Well, I have four, in the age between 20 and 27 and their mother is from the U.S.A. ,but lives in The Netherlands.

"Yesterday, remembered by Alfredo, Amsterdam,

When I was five years old, my four year old sister, Astrid, died of leukaemia. Because of this and a number of other reasons I became a loner as a child.

In my family we were about the first to wear long hair and listen to the Stones, Beatles etc. When I heard the music of the Beatles it was for me an experience like drinking water in the desert; the warm melodies, the vivid lyrics with some melancholy (I'll follow the sun/every little thing/ you've got to hide your love away/things we said today/I'll cry instead/tell me what you see/I've just seen a face; all songs that evolved more and more as the Beatles went on.

But in 1965 I – at home – heard for the first time the poetic, melancholic song Yesterday with lines as ; "I'm not half the man I used to be, there's a shadow hanging over me, oh yesterday came suddenly". Not realizing how deep the wounds inside were, I felt understood and uplifted. More and more the Beatles became like friends/brothers to me, although I was (and am) too self-willed to hang any photo of anyone in my room. For me, 'being a fan' was that I let myself be inspired by musicians and not becoming a clone. But the friendship within the Beatles was for me also inspiring; "it did exist, and how colourful".

So, at high school in Amsterdam, some teachers knew I loved the Beatles and liked to sing Yesterday a capella. And every time, when I was thrown out of class I walked around the school through the long corridors, along other classes. On many occassions my English teacher would ask me to come into his classroom and sing Yesterday. Every time I sang it with great pleasure, forgetting half the lyrics and sometimes singing much to high (without giving up), but I enjoyed it very much and so did some of the people listening.

Now my daughter lives in New York and has her own modern dance group and sometimes I am allowed to inspire her with the music of the Beatles; it fits in her sunshine character. The last one I played down the phone to her was Dear Prudence.

Their music is very dear to me, but I hardly ever talk about it and listen to it a few hours in a year or two. I cherish it in my heart and the songs found their own way, far away from 1965-1975. With many thanks to The British pop culture."

Alfredo, Amsterdam, 2001.

My "Music Memory" of "Yesterday"

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Saw "Timewatch - Beatlesmania" last night (Jan. 2007)


Music of the Beatles?;I'm even grateful I grew up with their music, especially music around 1966/67.

John,Paul,George and Ringo; it may sound naïve, but I believed and still do they were/are really nice guys with an inspiring friendship.
And of course, they're júst as human as anyone else.

Beatlesmania?; makes my stomach turn inside out.

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My "Music Memory" of "Yesterday"

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