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American Teenage Stereotypes

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If you walk into any American high school, you are likely to be confronted by a plethora of clothes, smells, and attitudes.. or, in other words, cliques. The following is a guide to the stereotypes of these cliques as portayed in films, on television and in the media.

The 'Preps'

  • Music - Anything played on the secular radio stations and MTV.

  • Clothes - Mini-versions of what adults wear, but the skirts are shorter on the girls and the pants baggier on the guys.

  • Attitude - A very definite 'I'm better than you, no matter what' vibe comes across when talking to these college-headed teens. They tend to be intelligent1 and they always look like they are going to a movie premiere in Los Angeles.

  • Hang-outs - Class lounges, gym and locker areas.

The 'Goths'

  • Music - Generally hard-core or techno, with some punk mixed in there. Favourite bands are Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance, The Sisters of Mercy, Nine Inch Nails etc.

  • Clothes - Uniformly black, lots of silver jewellery, big boots.

  • Attitude - Morbid, tending to the over-romantic, and extremely intelligent, completely against the stereotype.

  • Hang-outs - Some out-of-the-way classroom where they can speak without being heard.


  • Music - Anything that the 'Preps' are listening to, but none of the boy-bands or Divas.

  • Clothes - Baggy, sagging pants, t-shirts with logos and big shoes.

  • Attitude - Cocky but not generally very intelligent. All are convinced that Skaters will someday, or quite possibly already are, ruling the world. Extremely respectful of women. This clique tends to mesh a lot with the 'Preps'.

  • Hang-outs - In front of the building where they can hacky-sack and ditch easily.


  • Music - Punk, Hard core, some metal.

  • Clothes - Extremely bright and flashy, generally baggy pants and tight shirts, big shoes.

  • Attitude - Easily the most accepting of all the cliques, but if you get on their bad side, watch out. They run in groups and can be very dangerous.

  • Hang-outs - Cafeteria, where they can be part of the action.

1Or think that they are.

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