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I suggest we do some market research of our own... what's the best icon ever devised?

After a little thought, I have decided to nominate ICQ's icon... it's the head of a very colourful flower, and has the advantage of being fairly pretty and completely unique.

I also quite like Outlook Express's icon...

Would anyone like to suggest an ICQ-beating icon?

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Zak T Duck

The best icon in the world has to be the "My Briefcase" icon found on Windows NT. The reason I nominate this icon is that after using this infernal OS you just want to pack your bags and leave.

My second nomination is for every single icon ever created in the NewIcons format on the Amiga (v. nice, much nicer than those horrid windows icons. If I remember correctly there is a patch somewhere on the net to allow you to use them in windows95+).

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

One would think the most popular icon would be the MS-DOS prompt, since it leads to a command line where you can accomplish tasks efficently and at speed, without GUI Bloat.


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Trigger Vorbs

I've been looking everywhere for the patch you mentioned to allow Amiga NewIcons to be used under Windows, but I can't find one anywhere. Do you have any further info?

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the Winamp icon is great.

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smiley - laugh A thread I started over three years ago... impressive smiley - smiley

My new favourite icon... hmm... the Gnome footprint is pretty cool...

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Yvonne aka india

My favourite has to be the Java plug-in icon, a steaming cup of coffee, just what the average user wants during a hard day at the keyboard.

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Mine would have to be the SBC Yahoo! DSL icon that looks like an atom.

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Well done 26199 - forget three years - this pushes it out to 9.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the QI icon takes some beating in my book - unlike the Windows Cleanup icon which suggests that you're about to paint over the problem rather than clean it !

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