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Is Love insane?

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A major source for the irrational is the bug going around called 'love'. While under its spell people of both sexes do crazy things that they wouldn't do otherwise if they weren't 'in Love' so I ask again is Love insanity?

Most sales people depend upon us making irrational decisions. Sure they will point out all of the logical pluses and minuses but in the end it is the irrational that prevails not the logical. Haven't we all been in love with our auto, or a new computer,etc.

Certainly religious feelings are irrational. Given the condition of the Bible and its paradoxes it takes a certain irrationality to have faith, so is that insanity?

Given the state of the world would it be sane to think that the world is an OK place to live? If you can keep your head while everyone around you is losing theirs is that insanity?

I think that certain conditions of insanity are actually beneficial. They allow us to go about unaffected by the outrageousness that inhabits the world. I will concede that it is possible that some insane conditions exist that do not corresond to any naturally occuring external condition but what about internal ones? Maybe, just maybe, they need to be locked up for their own protection but what about society? Will we not get the benefit of learning about these new ideas even if they are irrational? Checkout the artists what do they see...?

So dont be to quick to blame insanity on anything. We all exhibit certain signs and can be judged insane at times.

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Is Love insane?

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