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Crossing the Bridge

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Cool entry on a fascinating topic. I've been wanting to climb over the top of the bridge for years, but I haven't managed it yet. Hopefully I'll be able to do it soon, I think it would be so much fun. smiley - biggrin

Crossing the Bridge

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Gavin Orr

I can recommend the Bridge Climb. My wife and I did it several years ago (does the maths - my Daughter is six and my wife was very slightly pregnant at the time of the climb, so late 1999 at a guess) and it was a nice day out.

I was as impressed by the cable which prevents you falling off but still allows you to "pass the posts" which hold the cable in place as I was by the climb and the view. Apparently it's a piece of technology built for racing yachts, but I had endless fun running it past the support post and back, trying to work out how it worked (might be a good topic for an article, that).

Bridge Climb now do early morning, daytime and nightime climbs at varying prices, and I have heard the fee charged by the RTA (who own the bridge) to allow Bridge Climb to operate pays for the upkeep of the bridge (so why are we still paying AUD3 to cross by car).

smiley - run

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Crossing the Bridge

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