A Conversation for Women in Ancient Athens


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"Women were not allowed in the Athenian democratic assembly"

Athens had severe restrictions on who could attend and vote in her ekklesia (assembly).

You had to be male, over 18 and your father had to be a citizen (after 451 BC, both parents had to be citizens). Although women were excluded, so was much of the population of Attica.

It is also worth noting that, although the formal democratic processes took place in the ekklasia, much debate took place in the agora and there is little evidence to indicate whether or not husbands propounded their wives views in the agora.


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Yep, that's all covered in the Democracy entry I linked to. Thanks! smiley - smiley


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I am sorry.

a) I've never written a guide entry


b) I don't refer to the links while I read the entries (unless I don't understand what the link refers to.)

I guess I posted what I did because I felt that it should have been mentioned within the entry; to give Athenian women's positions a context against the whole society rather than just men. But if people check out the links then fair play. Like I said, I haven't written an entry so I don't know how much each entry should 'stand alone' or how much it should cover other entries' ground to support its own context?

I suspect that I should contribute to PR more often.

Good entry, Elentari. Please don't think I mean any ill will.
Van smiley - ok


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Oh, I don't. smiley - smiley I hope my post didn't come across badly, that's not what I meant.

You'd be very welcome in PR. You seem to know your stuff, is writing an entry something you'd consider?

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