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Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is the youngest of the three children chosen to act the main characters in the Harry Potter films. She was born in Oxford, on 15 April, 1990. She has a younger brother, Alex.

Emma's role as Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was her first professional role. Previously she had only been involved in school drama (incidentally, her favourite role had been that of Morgana Le Fay, also a witch). In fact, school drama was how she got involved with Harry Potter. Her school drama teacher suggested that Emma and some other students audition for parts in the Harry Potter films. Emma said she went along with a friend, just for a laugh. However she kept on being called back for more auditions, attending six in total. By the third audition she realised she may actually have a chance of getting the part. Emma, a fan of the Harry Potter books, had been in the middle of reading the third book when she went for her first audition. By her last audition, she had finished the fourth book.

Emma has said that she loves acting and had a great time filming Harry Potter. Despite saying that she wants to play every kind of character and every point of view..., Hermione Granger has been the only character she has acted so far. Emma gets on with her co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. However, she is not fond of some aspects of her fame, saying that it was unbelievable seeing me as an action figure! In a few months, toddlers all around the country will be biting my head off!

Emma's character, Hermione Granger, is a schoolgirl who studies very, very hard and is very clever. She is also rather bossy. When asked if she was bossy like Hermione, Emma replied 'Ask my brother!' She has also said that although she enjoys school, she is not really like Hermione: 'I don't enjoy studying. I enjoy school, but I'm not obsessed with school, that's kind of the difference between us.' Emma is also not keen on predicted romance between Hermione and another character Ron Weasley, saying she would not kiss her co-stars 'Oh my God, no, no chance, no chance. That's not in my contract!'

Away from the cameras, Emma attends school in Oxford, where she says she prefers art and sport to more academic subjects. Her favourite sports are hockey, rounders and tennis. She enjoys debating and has two cats.

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