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Your text about Freiburg is ok, except that you don't pronounce the Münster miinster. I live in the vine-growing area south of Freiburg. I think you have to add some things to your entry:

1) Freiburg is German's solar capital.

2) The SC-Freiburg is a very popular soccer club in Germany's first division and it's famous for its fair supporters.

3) At the egde of every street in Freiburg, there is a Bächle. A Bächle is a very small river. During the Middle Ages they needed those Bächle to keep the city clean.

mfG(=with a lot of greetings) GrafN


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Researcher 123508

the Bachle are fun as long as you don't step into one of them as I did during my last trip to Freiburg. Everyone watching me had a good laugh at a stupid foreign visitor. Cheers. By the way, the Rulander wines from the Breisgau are the best German wines, I think. But they are hard but they to find in North america where I live.


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Researcher 123508 ......would you be so kind as to put something on your Homepage? I'd love to give you a proper welcome!.....Can't do that 'til you do an "intro"!smiley - smiley



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The story goes that if you step in a Bachle, you will marry a Freiburg local.

Rulaender wine

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Bad message for you, the "Rulaender" wine doesn´t exist anymore.


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the story 'bout "marry a Freiburg local" seems to be true:
before we know each other, my wife visited Freiburg and stepped into a "Bächle", not knowing about the legend. Soon after we set up our marriadge-day, we went to Freiburg, my hometown. Walking in the city I told her the legend, not knowing, that she HAS stepped already into it - I never forget that funny face of her! smiley - smiley


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