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Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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What do you get if you merge the specific southern flair of the Mediterranean area*, the provinciality of southern Germany and the lifestyle of some thousand students? A nice place to live, with some of the hottest and sunniest days in the whole of Middle Europe.

Some special features of this town:

  • An old and sacral building called 'M√ľnster1'
  • An old university
  • A fresh groceries market
  • An eco-friendly environment
  • The Black Forest, which is just a tram ride and a train journey away
  • Some very interesting new areas of the town such as Rieselfeld and Vauban

Rieselfeld is a good example for a planned, post-modernistic new quarter, the '90s equivalent to the satellite towns of the '60s and '70s, only better. The architecture is interesting there and they have tried to connect Rieselfeld with the rest of the town with a tram system.

Vauban is also a new development, built on an area once used by the French forces. Unfortunately, it is not as well-received by the locals as Rieselfeld is.

1Pronounced 'miinsta'.

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