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But it can all be worth it

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The Amazing Bongo! from whom all mortals flee

It sounds a bit cheesy, but the feeling you get on that last Thursday in August, when you open the results envelope and find out that you've done as well or better than expected, is absolutely incredible. It gave me an incredible buzz for weeks afterwards. So try hard and do your best.

Just don't let the success get to your head. If you go on to do A levels, then the real fun is just beginning.

But it can all be worth it

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just tell me something: how quickly will the time from now until the 23rd pass?
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But it can all be worth it

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The Amazing Bongo! from whom all mortals flee

Honestly? It will drag. You'll get so fed up of waiting that you'll wish you could phone the exam boards and tell them to cancel all of your papers, just so you'll know what results you got. Try and forget about them (I know it sounds hard, but it can be done). After all, you've done the exams, and there's nothing more you can do now.

The really agonising time comes the week before, when the A level results are published. The next seven days will be hell. But you'll get through them. If it gets too much, talk to your friends - they're all in the same boat, and they are all nervous (even if they don't admit it). And try not to give your family too hard a time - they're agonising about it as well.

And make sure you take someone with you when you go to get the results. If you're happy, you want to share it with someone. If you're disappoited, you need a shoulder to cry on. Don't go it alone.

And finally . . . Good Luck

But it can all be worth it

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sorry, just leting a bit of stress out.
hmm, now for a bit of smiley - zen
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But it can all be worth it

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Are you sure?
I mean you can feel good about yourself for all sorts of reason, being good at exams is like being good at anything else......people like being good at things!

I am good at exams, I passed almost every exam I ever took yet I cannot say that 'taking exams' really did me much good.

A level chemistry, for instance has been of very little use in my life, ever.

The A level WAS useful, as a form of currency.

I liked the subject, I found it interesting, but I can't honestly say that knowing about organic chemistry helped me when I had to chose a mortgage/bottle of wine or even clean the loo .

Then of course there is the maths we had to 'learn', here surely you would think that exams provided the motivation required [like a stick.......you don't want to fail do you!] for me to grasp essential principals that have helped me be a better and more effective person?

Nope, I think not. I learnt most about maths from chemistry and physics, but what I learnt....like how to use the inverse square law I would have learnt simply because I was actually interested in what the Inverse square law was, the stick was not necessary and NO I'm not grateful that I was pushed to study harder LOL!

I am still perplexed by the weird maths we did.........Three sausage shaped areas, and you had to sort out numbers into sets!!!! Hoot of derision now follows!!!!!!Why did we do this over and over again........what was it all about???

So.....Can it all be worth it?
Put it this way, schools and the education industry push the concept that exam ability is a good indicator of a persons ability to be 'useful'. As long as employers agree that a GCSE has meaning, then GCSE's are necessary. I don't know if the stress is worth it?

But it looks to me as if it will inevitably arise as other people's expectations are heaped upon the exam taker.

The final point is that you need GCSE's to get into collage.

Not going to college is supposedly a bad thing.......[going on to further education is a good thing]

Ask yourself is that really true? Is it true that the only things worth knowing are going to be taught to you by people who only know how to teach?

Anyway, sorry to rant, but the idea that it will all be worth it when you see how well you've done begs some serious thought.

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