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more fun than snowmen...

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dont get me wrong, i like 'traditional' snowmen as much as the next person, but they can get a bit repetitive. last christmas, my younger sister and i ran totally amok and had loads of fun building very nontraditional snow creatures. it was late at night, and we were roaming around a very quite suburban town. we started in the little football field down the road, with every intention of building a normal' snowman. unfortunately, when we hoisted up the head, the middle, or torso, broke in two. the head stayed put. it looked for all the world as if someone had come along and taken a bite out of his middle. so we elaborated on this theme, using pine needle to suggest stiches and wounds etc. a bit gruesome perhaps, but come on, it's only make-believe.
we then proceeded to build snow creatures in the courtyard of an apartment complex, to greet the residents in the morning. perhaps verging on vandalism, we placed them in somewhat inconveient places (the path). i'm not suggesting everyone embark on a campaing of snow vandalism, but we had loads of fun.

we then proceeded to build a very large (about 3 meters) column of snow in front of the local pub, and stomped through a field of fresh snow on the sidewalk to spell out "EEEP" and "NARF". it was conceptual installation art smiley - winkeye

we finished off by placing a rabid-looking snow dog (with twigs and leaves sticking out all over) in front of the post office. hey, it's not dangerous smiley - smiley

more fun than snowmen...

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Those are all brilliant harmless forms of expression! I love it. I am going to try it this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. But only if it warms up a little. It was -30 F windchill today. smiley - sadface Too dangerous to build snowthings. But hopefull it will warm up a bit soon.

more fun than snowmen...

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I have a name but it has got lost in cyberspace

Now, the idea of ferocious snow animals appeals to me!!
The only thing is, we have no snow here, and, I have a pup who is a wimp. If I take him for a walk, and, he sees a ferocious snow beast, he will give me his whimper.

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