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Calvin & Hobbes

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Uncle Ghengis

For truly imaginative snowman design, you *NEED* to read Calvin & Hobbes.
These cartoons have snowmen, snow-women, snow-monsters, snow-aliens - in a variety of sizes and hilarious scenarios...

A particular favourite is one scene involving a snow-spaceship and a couple of snow-aliens holding blasters, and a snowman with his head blown off. (Ok, that sounds nasty, but it's only snow, right?)

You can catch a daily dose of Calvin on http://www.ucomics.com/calvinandhobbes/

Calvin & Hobbes

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Quite right. Calvin & Hobbes is essential reading, but especially for Calvins Gruesome Snow Halls of Infamy...

In particular I remember his Dad leaving the house one snowy morning to find a macabre scene around and in front of his car where it seemed a snow person had been run over, with distraught-looking snow-folk gathered around... Classic.

Or indeed, his Snow Torture Chamber, with a snowman sawing off the top of another's head...

Inspirational. Roll on the snow... smiley - biggrin

Calvin & Hobbes

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Baron Grim

Ahh yesss, Exsssellent.

My fave is in the collection "Attack of the Killer Snow Goons"

I don't even need to describe it. Calvin explains it well.

Frame 1
Calvin: "See my snowman?

Frame 2
Calvin: "He's enjoying a snow cone! There's nothing he likes better!"

Frame 3
Hobbes: "And the snowman with the ice cream scoop in his back?"
Calvin: "It's a sordid story."

smiley - roflsmiley - laughsmiley - rofl

Calvin & Hobbes

Post 4


Pure evil genius on Calvin's part.

smiley - evilgrin

Calvin & Hobbes

Post 5

world traveler11

personally I am a fan if the scores of minions that calvin creates

we all need our minions

Calvin & Hobbes

Post 6

Uncle Ghengis

I liked the alien snowmen, complete with blasters and snow-ship.

And the one with a cannon and a snowman with a hole through the middle.

(There's lots aren't there...)

Calvin & Hobbes

Post 7


i love calvin & hobbes. especially the revenge of the babysat. that was classic. and i agree with the best of hte snowmen being the torture chamber. that was classic. later.

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