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SchrEck Inc.

Hey JzG,

I'm a proud owner of a 850 2.5 litres 5-cylinder Estate. It's truly a superb car. I intend to drive it up to the end of the decade or longer. The only drawback is that I get constantly nagged by a friend of mine because of it being such a small car (he owns a V90).

Great articles of yours, btw, whether on Volvos or not. Keep on writing!

SchrEck Inc.

Another Volvo Owner

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Just zis Guy, you know? † Cyclist [A690572] :: At the 51st centile of ursine intelligence

Ah, a fine vehicle. I'm saving up for a V70 (I had one as a company car once).

Another Volvo Owner

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I'm 19 years old and drive my Dad's V50 (with the 2.0D Euro IV engine) and have been searching for enough money to buy my own volvo asap. It's a dream to drive (hammered 40,000 onto the clock already and it's only 7 months old), storms down the motorway but is as safe as houses.
It's also kool to leave behind boy racers in their Mum's Clio (I also drive my Mum's Clio but have thankfully not "modified" it - to me, spoilers do exactly what they say on the tin in most cases). I just love volvos. They're becoming more and more of a badge car - which means that my girlfriend and her lady friends are more than happy to turn up to clubs in it (especially with the white leather interior!)
It's just so amazing to..... ok i'm babbling.
Volvo's rule - indestructable, safe, the new one's are "badge" vehicles, go like stink and the old ones are (I have been led to believe) still reliable.

Another Volvo Owner

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I learned to drive in the 80's, in a mk1 Astra, my Dad traded it in for a Sierra, and that put me off driving completely. Now that I have almost grown up, in my 30's, married with 3 kids, I am about to take my test in my first car - a Volvo 940gl Estate. I was still in school when my car rolled off the production line, but my fire truck (it's red) is in better nick than me!

Okay, they aren't fashionable, chavs like to swerve their BMX's out off the footpath in front of them, and good old white van man loves to see if he can touch the bumper at traffic lights. But... It drives beautifully, the steering is so light, and the turning circle is amazing. There is NO rust, I paid £200 for the un-trendy car, and so far all it needed is 4 new tyres, tracking and some parts on the exhaust. It hasn't put me out of pocket (yet), and is exactly what I need to transport my disabled husband and autistic son, along with 2 other children who require car seats. Unlike other cars, you CAN fit 3 child car seats abreast in the back, but if push comes to shove, I can very easily fit another couple of little ones in the boot, with the rear facing seats.

My driving lessons have been in a new Corsa for the past few months. Give me an old Volvo anyday!smiley - biggrin

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