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Let's try this again...(again)

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I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to come back to this again, other than some closure on my part and, hopefully, some reassurance for others that people with obnoxious opinions (and really, really terrible ways of expressing them) can change. There are a lot of beautifully written, well made points in this thread with which I agree whole-heartedly, and a lot of uninformed nonsense, a large part of which was, sadly, written by me.

So in a twist of fate five years later on I am, perhaps a "radical feminist", and certainly both a feminist and a radical. A lot of things contributed to me growing up (not least actually growing up - I was 16 years old when I posted that first rant) but, looking back over this thread, I like to think that this whole discussion/debate/argument was a part of it. As was, fittingly, a year spent living in Montreal.

I can't make any claim to have met a full cross-section of the population, by any means, but of all the people I've met since starting this thread I've yet to meet someone who "wants to keep the advantages of women while seizing those of men."

Let's try this again...(again)

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Funny, Mullet, I looked back at this thread earlier this month and I'd come to the conclusion that you'd done most of the growing up on this subject within a day or two of the first post.smiley - hug

It's wonderful to hear from you with an update on this particular part of your life.

Merry Christmas, Mullet.smiley - cracker

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Let's try this again...(again)

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