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The only thing I know about Cleveland is that's where "Howard The Duck" was set.


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Then you have a lot of learning to do.

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blaue Augen

Cleveland is actually a very nice city!

It's a nice entry, Jodan! I had always heard the riddle "What's round on both ends and high in the middle?" smiley - laugh I read several interesting things that I had not known before (and I did grow up in Ohio.) I have mentioned Ohio's (at least some parts) lack of accent and many people didn't believe me! It was nice to see I wasn't making it up. Thanks for the entry!

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This first time I heard the riddle "What's high in the middle and round on both ends?" comes from a Loony Tunes cartoon where Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny are doing a vaudeville comedy show type thingy. I'm sure its much much older than that.... anyone know of the origin?

Love this post, a lot a didn't know of my ancestral home (mom is from Cleveland, I sent her the link it will make her laugh for sure).



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Here's another good riddle with a visual pun. You have to draw as you set up the joke verbally. Use a pencil with an eraser.

A hunter was chasing a rabbit through the woods when it ran into a hollow log.

[Draw two parallel lines representing the sides of the log, and a circle representing each end of the log. The perspective is all wrong, but don't worry about that just yet.]

The hunter pounded on the log to scare the rabbit out, but it wouldn't go. So he pulled out his chainsaw (?!) and cut the log in half.

[Draw a line through the middle of the log, perpendicular to the first two parallel lines.]

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The rabbit still wouldn't come out, so he cut each of the halves in half.

[Draw two more lines so the log has four pieces approximately equal.]

The rabbit still wouldn't come out. The hunter thought he heard something in the second section, so he cut that one in half the other way.

[Draw a line through the second section, running parallel to the sides of the log.]

The hunter listened and carefully turned over each piece of the log, but they were all empty. Where was the rabbit?

[Erase the first two parallel lines you drew and the remaining circles and lines should spell O H I O. Okay, an adult could probably see this coming a mile away, but it's a good trick for kids.]


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aaaaargh! Ignore that smiley - smileyHIsmiley - smiley part. I meant to put that at the bottom of the post.

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