A Conversation for Reading in the Toilet


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I'm not really here

I was under the impression that reading on the loo was a good guard against piles, as reading means you're not bored or rushed, and so 'strain' in an attempt to hurry. Or is it a myth that straining causes piles? On the other hand, I have suffered pins and needles on more than one occasion when trying to make the most of the peace and quiet that a closed loo door brings me.

Closing the lid before flushing - I always do that anyway due to hearing about this lovely spray, but someone on telly once said that closing the lid doesn't stop it, as the next person who lifts the lid then gets it in the face.

I have a separate loo now, but it's still a habit not to leave toothbrushes out in the open!

One more thing - no words of warning about people waiting? In my last office us girls could never get in the loo after lunch, as all the men would be in there reading their magazines and books that they had no shame about carrying out in the open!

I wouldn't say it's a man's habit, but certainly women are more discreet. Good entry!


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Glad it's not just me!smiley - biggrin

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