A Conversation for Reading in the Toilet

Females do it too!

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Hmmf, i am female & i was apparently (eventually!) potty trained by plonking me on said potty with heaps of reading material & told "You're not moving till you do "big jobs"! Food & drink were provided so i was presumably quite happy to stay there all day if necessary.

Anyway, it has obviously become a habit, though maybe has gone a bit too far. My bathroom doubles as the main library of the house, complete with a sign on the door of "the thinker" reading on the loo.

I am considerate of visitors though. Since i live in France, i have provided reading material of various types in French, with a sign labelled "Frog smiley - books here". Guests of other nationalities are invted to contribute too; soon i may have an International library of some renown.

A good hint to ease the piles/stiff bum syndrome is to place a chair directly in front of the loo, on which to rest your book or magazine. Obviously an ashtray should be provided for smokers & a coaster to rest your drink on. If heating is a problem, a small but adequate rug for across the lower regions is a thoughtful touch.

My guests seem to appreciate all this & many is the time they announce "Ah, i am off for a zen ca-ca; see you later!" Upon their return, it makes a delightful after dinner topic "Success dear? What did you read?"


Females do it too!

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smiley - okI agree- I have been known to spend an hour reading on the loo... with a small child in tow, it is often the only private time I get for reading!smiley - ok

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Females do it too!

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