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I once played an old future European version of Monopoly. It is old future in that it was developed to promote the idea of a European Union at a time when the European Union was still expected to be called European Community and the €uro was projected to be called ECU.

Thus in this game of Monopoly you did not get Dollars, but ECUs; railway stations were airport, and the names of the different streets were related to the members of the EC. The cheapest streets were streets from Denmark, the more expensive streets were streets from Germany and England. The most expensive was the Champs Elysées...

This was only the second time ever I played that game (coming from Socialist East Germany, I firmly, or at least stubbornly, believe(d?) that this game promotes a kind of anti-human capitalism that is not to be taught to children! Having said that, it is my pleasure to tell you that I won that game. Rotten capitalist.


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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

I really want to get a copy of this just because it must really annoy our Gallic cousins that they are not one of the purple properties... heh heh heh!


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